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The Nachiketha Vidyalaya have state of the art facilities that provide an ambience for stimulating intellectual thinking and academic interaction. The facilities on the campuses include well equipped classrooms that facilitate effective learning, and modern labs in Computer, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics that are enviable. The students are exposed to the world of knowledge through the vast number of books in our state of the art libraries.

Computer Lab

Computer Education initiates our young students into the captivating world of computing, and introduces them to its wide and ever increasing range of applications.

Computer Education is introduced from Class I in all our schools. A unique curriculum has been developed accepting valuable inputs from various international agencies involved in the field of computer education programmes for schools.

Science Lab

I hear, I forget;
I see, I remember;
I do, I understand.

True to this ancient saying, we emphasize hands-on practical work as far as possible, to help our students understand the theories of science. Lab work helps bring forth the child’s innate curiosity and channels it into a systematic exploration of things unknown.

All Nachiketha Vidyalayas at the middle-school and higher levels have well equipped laboratories and modern scientific teaching aids. Our laboratories attest to our commitment to provide high quality education.


Nachiketha Vidyalaya schools have well-organized transport facilities that ensure the safety of the students. Transportation facilities are available along selected routes and availing of this facility is optional.


A healthy body promotes a healthy mind. Nachiketha Vidyalaya encourage children to be healthy in both body and mind.

Sports provide an excellent opportunity for our students to stay healthy, develop good interpersonal skills and concentration, and foster camaraderie, among other things.

Mid-day Meals

Nachiketha Vidyalaya provides Free Mid-day Meals facility on working days for all childrens


We offer Yoga classes by experienced, certified yoga instructors. We provide safe instruction, knowledge of health benefits, and modifications.

Karate (Self Defence)

A Community. At the Family Nchiketha Vidyalaya, our goal is to provide a safe, fun, and friendly environment where students can become highly skilled in karate and self-defense.